TO BLACKEN THE PAGES remixed by Alan Butler - free downloads!

Alan Butler has done some kewl remixes of TBTP's work from 'North', with more to follow. First up is a 25 min remix of 'I am screes on her escarpments'. Check out Alan's Bandcamp page for the downloads:

AB Bandcamp


TO BLACKEN THE PAGES on the cover cd of The WIRE October 2010

THE WIRE October 2010 out now

The Wire Tapper 24

All copies of the October 2010 issue of The Wire will come complete with an exclusive free CD attached to the cover, The Wire Tapper 24, the latest volume in the acclaimed series of new music compilations. As with previous volumes the CD, which has been compiled by Shane Woolman, Lisa Blanning and Andy Tait and is packaged in a heavy duty card sleeve designed by The Wire's art director Ben Weaver, contains a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground/outsider musics covered in The Wire. THE WIRE


To Blacken The Pages 'Sodium Haze' From Bogland (Colony) 'It's a panoramic overload of emotion, as immense as a visit to a Bronze Age city or a legendary lake, a music that drenches listeners and leaves them ensnared in its clutches and weakened with sonic exhaustion,' wrote Julian Cope, about To Blacken The Pages. This is the solo project of Paul McAree, Dublin musician and curator, who bases his work on chance, randomness and mistakes. Layering looped guitars, 'Sodium Haze' at times recalls Argentine composer Gustavo Santaolalla's soundtracks for Alejandro Innarritu's films (Amores Perros, 21 Grams, Babel).


Bogland is something I am working on now, and hope to release early 2011. Recent recordings are more experimental in nature, after the ferocity of North I've been trying to work in a simpler way with guitars, making the experience more immediate and direct. I'll post up some updates on progress soon... P

29 October 2012.

New album BOGLAND is out today!

First review up on Aquarius Records:

It's been ages since we've heard from Irish one man drone/dirge/doom guitarscaper Paul McAree, not since a 2009 collaboration with fellow axewrangler/soundscaper Korperschwache, and while we were assuming nothing much had changed, and were simply in for another fantastic sprawling landscape of smoldering low end dronemusic on this new TBTP, Bogland is in fact a whole 'nother sort of thing. Not that you'd know it by the opener, which is exactly what we expected: a hushed, feedback drenched slo-mo shimmer, all long layered tones, and haunted twang, laced with strange sci-fi FX, trippy and woozy, landing somewhere right between Earth, and Barn Owl, and SUNNO))), but taking that sound and spacing it out big time, drifty and abstract psychedelic dronemusic. And it sounds as good as ever, a whole hour to whisk us away to some other plane. But then something happens around track two, McAree doing his best Jandek, unfurling a murky bit of raw-blooz balladry, all angular detuned guitar, and warbly mumbly vocals, weirdly trancey and hypnotic, some serious outsider dirge folk for sure. We of course expected the sound to slip right back into dreamy droneland, but whattayaknow, McAree had something else in mind, a sprawl of gnarled mangled minimalism, a strange bit of abstract Derek Bailey like guitar action, scrapes, and weird truncated melodies, atonal chords, buzz and warble, there also seems to be a weird wheezy backdrop way off in the distance, subtly swooping effects, but that gnarled guitar is definitely the centerpiece. And for all its strangulated churn, it actually ends up being pretty mesmerizing as well. The rest of the record offers up variations on those sounds, definitely leaning more toward the tweaked angular guitarscapes and Jandekian croon, occasionally wedding weird scrapey abstract guitars to lush layered shimmer, or unfurling thick rumbling low end, dirgey and dark, still shot through with weird guitar squiggles, but blurry and smeary, but really barring the opener and closer, both of which hew closer to the TBTP sound of old, this record is kind of a warped singer/songwriter affair, filtered through a cracked chunk of experimental guitar, resulting in something weird, and weirdly wonderful.

10 OCTOBER 2012

BOGLAND has arrived at last and you can download 2 free tracks at Soundcloud below.

We're also now taking orders for the physical cd. All orders posted 29 October. See the Store page for ordering.


To Blacken the Pages is the sonic work of artist, musician and curator Paul McAree, based in Dublin, Ireland.

Bogland, his 6th release, and first in 3 years, sees a radical change in musical direction. Eschewing previous work drenched in fuzz pedals and effects, Bogland sees McAree focusing much more directly on clean – if still loud – guitar based work. The work here, not surprisingly, results in a series of shorter pieces, and sees McAree juxtaposing guitar based explorations against sounds created using largely free, visual-based apps on an ipad. This much simpler and direct approach to working also sees McAree use his voice across several tracks.

The album sees McAree develop in two distinct directions, on the one hand using a direct sense of song structure incorporating voice and composition, and on the other a much more strongly developed practice as an experimental guitarist, pushing his limitations as a player. These experimental works became the backbone of the record, and the starting point for the records other directions. McAree said: ‘At the end of recording North I went on to record a further 2 or 3 albums worth of material, but just wasn’t happy with it. I had been trying to capture a drenched, overblown amp sound with North, but began to realise it was near impossible. So I decided to use what I had available, and return to a much simpler way of working. For better or worse, Bogland is the result.’



27 AUGUST 2012

Album back from factory, looking great!

Official release date now confirmed for 29 October 2012...




11 AUGUST 2012

New album at the pressing plant, cover and jacket now ready! Expected release date 1 October...




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12 March 2012

First copies of WIRE mag April 2012, with a track by TBTP on the cover CD. BRUISE is from the forthcoming album BOGLAND.




12 March 2012



4 March 2012

Mixing! Mastering! Video!



29 FEB 2012


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26 FEB 2012

Recording! Will finish the album by Friday!


6 January 2012: I'm Still Alive

Yes I know its been ages since there's been an update... I'm in the studio now working on a bunch of tracks I hope to release in April or May. Album is called 'Bogland', and the tracks see a major departure for the moment, using a much more stripped back sound, just one guitar, often using loops, all guitar parts recorded 'live' in the studio in one take, lending the pieces a much more experimental and improvised sound. At the moment I'm adding other elements, juxtaposing electronic improvised sounds created on an ipad with 'visual based' apps. A couple of tracks have singing, and maybe more yet. Sometimes its loud!